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Let's Get This Organic Party Started!

What is SI?

SI, or Supplemental Instruction, is a free program that targets traditionally difficult academic course--those that have a high DFW rate--and provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated sessions. It is statistically proven that students who attend SI session receive a half, to a full, letter grade higher in the class for which SI is offered.

About Me

My name is Jerome Arceneaux, and I am a returning junior at UAB. I am a McNair Scholar, and my majors are Biomedical Engineering and Biochemistry with a minor in Spanish. I hope to be accepted into an MSTP program at a leading medical school, where I will concentrate in either Neurosurgery or Infectious Disease.


Please do not forget that my Office Hour is on Mondays from 11:00a to 12:00p in HUC 514. If you do not feel comfortable asking me questions in class or in the sessions, I do not mind your coming to ask me during my Office Hour. Because we have new times for the sessions, and we have added another session, I will only make worksheets for Mondays and Wednesdays. I will use the Friday times to answer questions anyone may have and to discuss any past worksheets.

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to email me at jarcen@uab.edu. Please note that I will try my best to answer your emails in a timely manner, but do not expect me to respond at 2:00a. : )


I hope everyone had an amazing and very much needed Thanksgiving break, but as you all know, you have a test coming up. I have spoken to some students, and we discussed having the mock exam this Friday, November 30, 2012, from 5:00p to 7:00p or from 7:00p to 9:00p. I do not have a room yet, but I will discuss it with my boss and get back with you. Also, I am would like to schedule your Final Mock Exam for sometime next week. I will discuss this more in class and in SI. Finally, it is time for End of the Semester Evaluations. I will be passing this out in class on Tuesday. These are anonymous, so you do not need to put your name on, but I do ask that you participate in the evaluations because they allow me to learn what you liked and what you did not like so I can become a better SI leader for you!

Here is a Chemistry Funny!


Below are some links that should help you learn and understand the topics you will see this semester.




Chapter 8 and 9 Notes.pdf Chapter 8 and 9 Notes.pdf
Size : 222.945 Kb
Type : pdf
IR Chart.pdf IR Chart.pdf
Size : 91.587 Kb
Type : pdf

Office Hour

Mondays from 11:00a to 12:00p in HUC 514.

Session Times

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12:15p to 1:15p in EB 132.


Worksheet 1.pdf Worksheet 1.pdf
Size : 179.252 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 2.pdf Worksheet 2.pdf
Size : 188.348 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 3.pdf Worksheet 3.pdf
Size : 257.378 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 4.pdf Worksheet 4.pdf
Size : 210.307 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 5.pdf Worksheet 5.pdf
Size : 264.119 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 6.pdf Worksheet 6.pdf
Size : 245.781 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 7.pdf Worksheet 7.pdf
Size : 215.305 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam 1 (Nikles).pdf Mock Exam 1 (Nikles).pdf
Size : 71.394 Kb
Type : pdf
Answers (Nikles).pdf Answers (Nikles).pdf
Size : 253.209 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam 1 (Wang).pdf Mock Exam 1 (Wang).pdf
Size : 35.947 Kb
Type : pdf
Answers (Wang).pdf Answers (Wang).pdf
Size : 392.173 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 8.pdf Worksheet 8.pdf
Size : 279.298 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 9.pdf Worksheet 9.pdf
Size : 356.106 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 10.pdf Worksheet 10.pdf
Size : 265.561 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 11.pdf Worksheet 11.pdf
Size : 302.791 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 12.pdf Worksheet 12.pdf
Size : 263.422 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 13.pdf Worksheet 13.pdf
Size : 356.472 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam 2 (Wang).pdf Mock Exam 2 (Wang).pdf
Size : 72.414 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam 2 Answers (Wang).pdf Mock Exam 2 Answers (Wang).pdf
Size : 258.28 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 14.pdf Worksheet 14.pdf
Size : 279.868 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 15.pdf Worksheet 15.pdf
Size : 250.239 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 16.pdf Worksheet 16.pdf
Size : 215.725 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 17.pdf Worksheet 17.pdf
Size : 221.694 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 18.pdf Worksheet 18.pdf
Size : 495.51 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 18 (Key).pdf Worksheet 18 (Key).pdf
Size : 651.459 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 19.pdf Worksheet 19.pdf
Size : 350.095 Kb
Type : pdf

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